Technologies You Need To Have A Remote Workforce

Some organizations believe that remote work is not healthy for an employee’s productivity and health. They think employees become lethargic, lose focus, and do not come up with creative ideas for solving problems in day-to-day activities. Organizations and employees lose their respective faith in each other thus, increasing internal clashes.

In reality, we are living in the information technology age where almost everything can be run remotely, the only requirement being the will of managing a remote team. Some advanced tech and gadgets have made the transition from traditional work to remote work smoothly.

Studies have revealed that employees working remotely were more productive by 15% than employees coming to the office daily. Remote employees took fewer breaks and worked longer hours. Their mental health was doing great as they were able to maintain a healthy work-life balance, provided they were not micromanaged and give some flexibility.

Collaborative tools helped maintain the continuity and flow of work uninterrupted. These tools kickstarted digital adoption in many companies that were being stalled for some time now.

Here are some of the tools that helped in digital adoption.


The corporate world is all about licenses, leases, and contracts. A new life was filled into the system by the introduction of contract life cycle management. Tools like Asana can help employees get notifications to review the files or a project that needs their attention. It helps the management to keep track of the employees and their overall productivity.



Google offers a plethora of tools for collaboration, communications and organization. Colleagues can chat on hangout, do video conferencing through Google Meet, share their screen, share excel sheets and google docs, etc. for streamlining the work irrespective of people’s location. Google smartboard has made it easier to manage a whole team remotely.


Zoom and apps like these made remote work happening when the world stood still after the pandemic. The application can help conduct meetings online without interruption. Not only the corporates, but the app could also create more opportunities for students to take online classes and be more creative. It bridged the gap set by differences in proximity and geography.



Communication is an integral part of Corporate Governance and it becomes imperative for remote workers to establish open and synchronized lines of communication with each other. Sometimes, it is better to indulge everyone and over-communicate with them to let them feel included. You can create chat rooms with different topics and private groups for one on one conversations in the company.

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It is a sophisticated continuous management software that gives you a report on each action and employee through charts. The tools help C-suite to have feedback on the performance remote employees. Managers can effectively manage their teams through this tool. Routine surveys are conducted through this tool to help the company in enhancing the overall employee experience.