Unique World is a great place to work

It’s Official, Unique World is a great place to work

Unique World is excited to be recognized as one of Australia’s top employers, selected as one of The 50 Best Places to Work n 2011.

“It’s really exciting to be successful in our first year in the survey,” says Eddie Geller, CEO of Unique World, “but it’s just the beginning. We’re committed to making Unique World the employer of choice in our part of the market.

At Unique World, we’re not about perks or gimmicks. We’re about creating a culture of involvement and collaboration. Part of this is our commitment to Open Book Management that gives all staff full visibility and understanding of all economic aspects of the business. All the numbers are shared, and everyone can see exactly how they’re tracking on the staff bonus scheme. We teach all staff to act and feel like business owners.

Unique World’s achievement in implementing open-book management was recognized recently when with an All-Star Award at the recent presentation for the Great Game of Business. Unique World is the first non-US company to win this global award.

The whole idea of Open-Book Management really fits the collaborative, inclusive culture of Unique World. It engages employees and rewards achievement.

Recognition in the Great Places to Work gives us encouragement that we’re on the right track, but we never rest in our bid to make Unique World the #1 place to work.”

BRW ‘s Top 50 Great Places to Work list was based on research conducted by the Great Place to Work Institute, Australia which surveyed more than 15,000 employees.