Hello there, techie mates! It’s another time to meet up on the tech turf. Today, we shall deep dive into the intriguing universe of new technology – delighting us with fascinating advancements and alluring promises for the future.

The current pace of technological advancements can only be described as futuristic. We’re living in an age where technological evolution is in a mesmerizing overdrive. And pals, it seems that things can only get juicier.

Enlightening Ed-Tech

For starters, pandemic-stricken, we adapt, and technology means we don’t stop learning. The field of ed-tech has witnessed compelling advancements. Virtual reality (VR) head glasses usher school-kids into the intimate details of the human skeletal system. It holds such allure compared to 2D textbooks – it’s education amplified!

Meet AI teaching assistants – taking over beautiful, albeit repetitive duties off the teacher. With systems like IBM’s Watson, data mining about each student’s challenges and progress will be seamless. The future context and need-based, unique teaching and learning modes promise to empower all regardless of learning curve disparities.

Brilliant Biotech

In the healthcare sector, morphing from old norms, telemedicine has come of age. But although tele-consultations-have-sort-of-indurated us to unlikely tech spaces in the last year or so, here comes the real shakeup and an exciting one I need to mention – Bioprinting! 3D technology has drastically evolved, and scientists have broken the XYZ dimensions to deepen the Z-axis—print cells and even tissues. Somewhere off the gulf coast, scientists bioprinted a mini-human heart.

Wearable’s too are no longer relegated to unblinkingly counting steps. Health-tech devices dwell now into proactive healthcare, monitoring anything to everything about vitals, predicting, even alerts with suggestions from ‘Need a breather’ to ‘Alert! Seek immediate medical attention.’

Ingenious Infotech

Now, dear future-tech-lovers, lest I forget AI. Can’t talk about new-age tech without mentioning AI? Artificial-associated technologies, albeit controversial due to ethical implications, will undeniably play a significant role. From smarter virtual assistants – with product design in on-cue comprehension and predictability, the era of multiple AI instructions might say goodbye.

Augmented reality (AR) too is stepping out of the confines of games and mobile filters to exciting user and commercial experiences. Traditional mirrors at home and stores would meet etiquettes of cool. Like smart assistants, turning off the bulb after bedtime, your AR installed mirror chucking on a blouse or blazer every sunrise shooting up unpredicted, personalized make up or outfit advices for the day.

Last but Sure not the Least

We cannot ignore the giant strides on broadband connectivity, with 5G actually here. That does redefine download and upload speeds, fantastic promises for larger IoT protocols, industrial applications, near irreplaceable with artificial intelligence (AI), and lens- hot-picture automation synchronization.

Another electrifying novelty! Cruising around soon (laugh), would be the electric vehicles (EV) with glitch-blind sensor adaptations for environmental variations, auto-piloting and riding it all on eco-sustainability and zilch fossil fuel throughput.


Whoa! Aren’t these expedite rate of tech charm-tales sensation? We’re writing history. More than ever, it holds the pulse of a techno take-over. The impressive side: Upcoming technologies amazingly weave in superior user experiences significantly spearheading to unanimous tech-good and reflecting keen prioritaries on mind-boggling acceleration rates focused on case-focused eco-solutions.

As time unspools the not-so-distant future, unfailingly application context-loving, it will sure un-multi-task hassles and tasks we previously found inspiring. I must say, Mission assumption override: Speed adaptive functions device et al.

Finally putting it, Technology- our managerial messiah might replace menial to traditional roles, not biotic brains. Easing us amid leisure-tech to Macro economy leap-olithics making humanity prioritize life above work.

Catch up till next as soon on as we continue threading in the latest on this exhilarating journey: Tech-checked or stay reminiscent.
IMOG, I learned – justify the means! Drive your tech wheels confidently into a robust future propensity equation, bracing YOU and a techie leeway when YOU get all nostalgic of the non-quasi digital age “long ago.”

On my goodbye note today, We’ll roll up laughing some DY_89 tech pace, whip up intellectual pouncing How-to-delicious E-Tech recipes, hardly your shot of Terran enzyme. Okay Wonderfuls! B’bye now! Next on, the terrific new techs and the Cyber-parks meeting!